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Practitioner: Someone who actively practices a learned profession or occupation.

Professional: A worker required to possess a large body of knowledge derived from extensive academic study.

About Us:

The Practitioner is an encyclopedic reference source designed to explain many of the terms and concepts relating to a variety of professional areas.

The mission of the Practitioner.Com portal is to become the worlds most useful hub of expertise for professional practitioners.


If you written an extensive paper or dissertation on any subject which may be of interest to practitioners in any of the areas we cover, please feel free to submit this to us for consideration. We are currently developing a reference library for such materials.

Welcome to The Practitioner

The term 'practitioner' of course has general application. It is used in a wide variety of professional contexts and industry and service sectors. The Practioner.Com portal is intended to support professionals in a growing number of these.

Across a range of sub-sites, we offer a raft of useful information and data on the core topic(s) covered. These range from Legal Practioner (legal profession) through ITIL Practitioner (IT Infrastructure Library), Information Security Practitioner, Insolvency Practitioner (IP), General Practitioner and beyond.

Introduction to Corporate Regulation
An Introduction to Information Security
A Guide to Computer Crime

We welcome your feedback and opinion on any aspect of this project. To contact us, please use the details on our contact page (see above).